The Memorial Center “Nikola Tesla” Smiljan opened in honor of the great inventor Nikola Tesla on 10th of July 2006 on the occasion of 150th birthday of his birth. Visitors have the opportunity to walk on paths where young Nikola Tesla got ideas for his first inventions. At our Memorial Center you can experience the authentic atmosphere, pristine nature and serenity of Lika, but also get to know Tesla’s life path and his greatest achievements.
Visitors can see the permanent interactive exhibition in Tesla’s birth house and start by themselves some of Tesla greatest inventions. A copy of Tesla’s Colorado Springs Laboratory has a Tesla coil of a million volts and visitors can participate in a demonstration of wireless power transmission. A multimedia documentary film about life and work of Nikola Tesla is displayed in the multimedia hall. Within the Memorial Center you will find a souvenir shop where you can buy a reminder for your visit to the birthplace of Nikola Tesla.