National park BRIJUNI

Another characteristic that makes Brijuni even more valuable in relation to other areas of this climate is its vegetation. On Veliki Brijun an extraordinary unity of natural elements and anthropogenesis has been achieved. By taking up the farmlands and by clearing the forests and transforming them into landscape parks with vast meadows, a unique landscape on the Croatian Adriatic coast has been created. Because of the millennial presence of men on the archipelago of Brijuni, the animal world on the islands, especially Veliki Brijun, besides the autochthonous species, was enriched by many imported species that are not congenial to this habitat but got acclimated to it thanks to the almost ideal microclimatic conditions. Having a mild Mediterranean climate, lots of sun and warm weather, plenty of humidity creating a rich vegetation, the islands guarantee an extremely pleasant stay. The average air temperature in winter is 6,3°C., in spring 12,2°C., summer 22,2°C. and autumn 14,8°C. The sea temperature in summer is from 22 to 25°C.