Park of nature UČKA

Nature park is a broad natural or partly cultivated area of land and/or sea featuring ecological characteristics of international and national importance, and pronounced landscape, educational, cultural, historical, tourist and recreational values. Economic and other activities and actions that do not endanger the main features and functions of the nature park are permitted within its territory. (Nature Protection Law; OG #162/03) RANGE: Učka mountain massif and adjacent part of Ćićarija plateau (N – NE part of Istrian peninsula) PARK AREA: 160 km2 HIGHEST PEAKS: Vojak 1401 meter; Planik 1272 meters ESTABLISHING ACT: Law on Declaring Učka Nature Park, April 1999, (Public Gazette No. 45/99) PARK AUTHORITY: Učka Nature Park Public Institution, Lovran, Croatia COUNTIES: Istarska, Primorsko-Goranska County TOWNS: Opatija MUNICIPALITIES: Kršan, Lanišće, Lovran, Lupoglav, Matulji, Mošćenička Draga