Park of nature ŽUMBERAK

Zumberak – Samoborsko gorje nature park extends over some 350 km², and it was established on May 28, 1999. Its main purpose is to protect and promote the natural beauties of the area. According to the nature protection law, the nature park is a wide natural or partially cultivated area with particular esthetical, ecological, educational, cultural, historical, tourist and recreational values, where only the activities not endangering its essential characteristics and roles are allowed. For its natural beauty and its tradition this area certainly deserves the “title” of the nature park. It includes a hilly territory situated southwest of Zagreb, with the elevation range from 180 to 1,178 meters, and the highest peak of Sveta Gera. Its eastern part is very indented, and comprises the territory of the Samobor mountain with the peaks of Japetic (871 m) and Plesivica (780 m), as well as the valleys of numerous rivulets. There is not a single town in the Nature park, which is constituted by an exclusively rural area.