PLITVICE LAKES Tourist board

The area of ​​Plitvice Lakes, declared a national park in 1949, is one of the most beautiful natural sights of Europe. It is a wooded mountainous area through which, below one another, sixteen beautiful lakes and ponds of crystal blue-green color descend. Many rivers and streams fill them with water, and are interconnected by sparkling cascades and forest waterfalls. The deposition of calcium and magnesium carbonate from flowing water and through the mediation of special types of algae and moss has caused the formation of hollow rocks – travertine or travertine – at natural obstacles. It is a biodynamic process that is both a first-class attraction and a remarkable and interesting scientific phenomenon. The construction process continues today under conditions of undisturbed ecological relations. The national park covers an area of ​​29 482 ha, of which 22 000 ha are forests, 217 ha are water, 7 265 ha are lawns with rural areas. The high forest sometimes takes on rainforest forms, and the diversity of flora and fauna corresponds to this natural wealth. Along with many bird species and small game species, there are deer, bears, wolves, wild boars and feral cats in the park, and in trout waters. Hunting, fishing and swimming in lakes are not allowed. The flora of the Park consists of approximately 1267 plant species, of which 55 belong to the orchid family. In addition to its rich natural heritage, the traditional heritage of the Park was revitalized: a 19th-century mill on the Korana River and a water-powered saw mill, also on the Korana.
ACTIVITIES WITHIN THE NATIONAL PARK: Sightseeing of the Park according to special programs (using a motor boat and train), sightseeing of the cave Šupljara, riding of Kozjak lake by rowing boats, mountaineering on Medvedak, winter skiing and sledding in the village of Mukinje, possibility of visiting a restored mill on a water mill the Korana settlement and restored water-powered sawmills, also in the Korana settlement.
EXCURSIONS: Fishing on the Gacka River, a visit to the mills on Gacka, a visit to the mountain village of Kuterevo which houses a shelter for abandoned bears, hiking on Mrsinj and Plješivica above Korenica, cycling marked trails in Korenica and its surroundings, quad rides around Korenica. visit to Barac Caves, Grabovaca Cave Park in Perušić, horseback riding at Barac Caves for children and adults, ZIP line “Watch the bear” in Rudopolje, ZIP line Plitvice at Dreznicko Village, Rizvan City Adventure Park, ranch tour Deer Valley in Dreznic Grad, rafting river Uni, a visit to the ethno village Rastoke in Slunj.