Restaurant SORGO

The Palace Sorkočević in a part of which the restaurant “Sorgo“ is situated,was built in the early part of the medieval block, on the stretch of a narrow transversal road which runs from the center of the settlement towards the eastern town walls. On the palace,besides a family coat of arms there is a sequence of details in architectural plastics indicating its Gothic provenience. The family Sorkoèeviæ (Sorgo) is surely one of the most famous aristocratic families in Dubrovnik which contributed to civilizational attainments of the Republic of Dubrovnik. In the offer of the restaurant one can find specialties of a region of Ston; shells, fish, seafood, diverse meat specialties, but to create, beside sea delicacies, a harmonious pleasure it is necessary to consume ,first and foremost, famous wines of Pelješac which will add to the whole ritual a dimension of the most refined hedonistic nimbuses.