In creating top quality wines according to ecological principles, we are guided by shared energy, exchange of ideas and teamwork.

The place where wines are made… Veralda, Carsin, Buniz, Pianel, Rupa, Castagnari – six micro-locations, six different characters, and all positions are nurtured according to ecological principles.
The vineyards of the Veralda winery are located in the famous Istrian wine-growing area on the Bujski brežuljci, ideal for ecological cultivation of Istrian autochthonous varieties.

Wines with a pronounced modern character and a clear signature of the terroir are the bearers of innovations in the development of autochthonous varieties – get to know the wines of Vinarija Veralda from Istria, Croatia.

Blanc, Pét Nat, Xtriana, Refosco, Ambra, Rosé Xtrian, but also Veralda olive oil each bring the aromas and flavors of Istria in their own way and in a special style.
What will you taste when you visit our winery?
We only suggest, and it’s up to you to decide.