Restaurant BRATULIĆI

The Istrian restaurant AGRO is an integral part of AGROTURIZAM BRATULIĆI, which offers food of natural origin from its own or local cultivation.

Restaurant AGRO, part of agrotourism ISTRA PARTNER Bratulići, is open only with prior notice of arrival and reservation of a table for consumption, at the earliest at 12:00 p.m., and the stay or the length of stay for consumption is conditioned by the occupancy of the accommodation capacity, which means that in case of occupancy of part of the accommodation capacity, the dinner for external guests it ends at 22:00 at the latest.

There is no traditional Istrian dish that cannot be tasted in our restaurant, whether it is already in our a la cart offer (menu) or we prepare it according to the special wishes of the guest.

Along with always good prosciutto and cheeses (goat, cow, sheep) over salads of forest asparagus or mushrooms from our own preparation over homemade homemade pasta that is prepared in a sauce of truffles, mushrooms, local rooster meat or in a sauce of Istrian Boškarin meat and up to lamb and lamb chops, meat from domestic goats or grilled breast milk.

Of course, at the end of each meal, the inevitable desserts and homemade cakes and marmalades made according to special old recipes that the hostess jealously keeps in her recipe archive.

As for the wine, the owner knows how to jokingly tell his guests that the house wine is good because he primarily – drinks it and less because of the guest himself, but the truth is that they are open wines, malvasia, terana and from last year and rosé, which in we serve in the restaurant, top quality.

Of the bottled wines, Istrian jewels are always indispensable in the cool cellars: Grotta, Coronica or Kozlović, white malvasia or sweet dessert muscat, wines for everyone and the most refined taste.

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