Tourist board of LABIN – RABAC

LABIN is situated on eastern coast of the Istrian peninsula. Its old Illyrian-Celtic name is Albona or Alvona and it was probably founded in the 4th century B.C. on the ruins of the ancient city. The oldest written document about Labin is a relief from the 3rd century with the inscription “Res Publica Albonessium”. During its long history Labin has changed numerous masters: Romans, Goths, Bysants, Langobards, Francs, Venetians, French, Austrians and Italians. The well – preserved old urban center of Labin, with many important cultural and historical monuments from the Middle Ages until the present, makes it one of the most beautiful Istrian towns. The new part of the town at the bottom of old Labin, on the road Rijeka-Pula, was founded during the Italian goverment when coal mining has reached its peak. With gradual extinguishing of this activity wich has, during 200 years of its existence, largely determined the lives of inhabitants, tourism, catering and other related activities gain in importance.The center of tourism is Rabac, situated 5km from Labin on the coast of enchanting bay. Due to its natural beauties, cristal-clear sea and rich mediterranean vegetation, it is rightly called “The Pearl of the Kvarner Bay”. (see: Rabac).