Tourist office of KLEK

The tourist resort Klek is situated in a picturesque cove full of hundred-year-old olive-groves along the Adriatic Highway. A mediaeval harbour was built at Klek, through which the inhabitants of Dubrovnik dealt in salt trading with its hinterland. Upon the construction of the Adriatic Highway, Klek, which was a typical Dalmatian fishing village so far, has begun to develop tourist establishments and activities so that today it is a tourist centre of the Neretva River coastal area. In addition to the hotel and apartment accommodation, board and lodgings are also offerred to a great extent in private arrangements making available 1500 beds in total. The attention of the visitors is drawn by the Nonkovia Tower dated from the 17th century and the ruins of the Smrdan-Town (17th century) as well as a necropolis of standing tomb-stones (14th century). The cultural offer is enriched by the gallery called Steæak (Standing tomb-stone), where fine artists, writers, players and other artists meet.