Tourist office of SEGET

Tourist office of SEGET

Seget – almost connected to Trogir, whose exceptional cultural heritage invites sightseeing and evening walks, a variety of accommodation (hotels, camps, apartments), a rich offer of healthy food (fruits, vegetables), especially from the mountain hinterland (lamb) in addition to local, fisherman’s offer, then sports and recreational opportunities, especially water sports and night fishing, make Seget and its surroundings a tourist choice for guests with a wide variety of habits.
Like a ship in a bottle, Seget locked in its rectangular stone heart the primordial spirit of the Mediterranean, ready to generously share it with the intending traveler. Get to know its fairs and ropes, peek into the nets of its fishermen, treat yourself to a healthy Dalmatian dinner sprinkled with golden olive oil, indulge in the forest of crystal clear sea on beautiful sandy beaches!

The artistic trends that decorated our UNESCO gem, neighboring Trogir, did not remain only within the city walls. Although the immediate vicinity of Trogir is undoubtedly one of Seget’s strengths, Seget itself has developed its own monuments that reflect certain stylistic trends and are the subject of many analyzes and discussions among art connoisseurs. Fans of cultural heritage sightseeing will know how to appreciate the silent stone witnesses of Seget’s past, which goes all the way back to ancient times.

Picturesque Seget carefully preserves another powerful asset for its visitors. Namely, long and clean sandy beaches are a trademark of the Seget Riviera, and a real lure for families with children who like to visit them and stay in one of the well-organized accommodation facilities. The hotel offer in Seget is at the highest level, but various camps and apartments, as well as private accommodation facilities, are also very popular.

The cultural and entertainment offer of Trogir or Split with the best artistic repertoire attracts even the most discerning guests.
The 1 km long promenade along the sea leads to the tourist village of Medena. Medena, has a long sandy beach with a pine forest extending into it.
The beach is extremely rich in sports and recreational facilities.
There are also numerous playgrounds available for: tennis, football, futsal, handball, basketball, mini golf, bocce, trim track, table tennis, beach volleyball, as well as animation adapted for families with children, trips and excursions.

Experiencing Seget means enjoying yourself, and you can best see for yourself. Therefore, what can we say except – welcome!