Tourist office VELIKA GORICA

Tourist office VELIKA GORICA

Manifestation “Friday on Gorice” in Velika Gorica

In the autumn of last year, the tourist board of the town of Velika Gorica launched a new interesting event “Friday on Gorice” in the beautiful Park of the noble municipality of Turopolj. The event takes place every first Friday of the month. The idea is to gather the offer of local agricultural producers, artisans, cultural and other associations in one place, and to present an interesting and diverse offer in a specially decorated space in the center of the city.

Preserving our tradition, we are building on these foundations a new story that is intended for everyone from kindergarten age to pensioners. The citizens of Velika Gorica, as well as their guests, want to be able to have Velika Gorica spica, a place where they will be happy to stop by.

After a short winter break, again on March 1, starting at 11 a.m. until the afternoon, our fellow citizens and dear guests will be able to check the exhibitors’ offer at “Petek na Gorice”.

Exhibitors at the fair are divided into two groups, thematically named Mljac plac and Art plac. Mljac plac is a real gastronomic oasis with an offer of delicacies from the Turopolje region, where all visitors will be able to taste and buy products from local producers. Pastries, homemade cakes, liqueurs and jams made from seasonal fruits, honey, cheese, flour and pasta, as well as Turopolj craft beer and gin are part of what is offered at Mljac square. At Art plac you can find traditional souvenirs and bags with Turopolian motifs, hand-embroidered clothing, mugs, magnets, pictures, jewelry, home decorations, crocheted dresses, flowers and much more.
In addition to the exhibitors’ offer, there is also a diverse entertainment and educational program for all ages: from workshops for children and adults, and musical performances by talented students of Velikogorica elementary and secondary schools. We publish applications for workshops on the website and on the Facebook/Instagram page of TZ Velika Gorica.