National park KORNATI

The archipelago of Kornati ranks among the best-indented insular groups of the Mediterranean Sea. The National Park «Kornati» covers the area of about 217 km² and comprises 89 islands, small islands and cliffs with a total of 185 km of coastal zone. A characteristic contrast between a savage, at sight, even inhospitable and semi-desert above-sea zone and exceptional, biologically rich and geomorphologically diverse sea bed, makes that space one-of-a-kind. IIn the National Park of «Kornati» as in a zone under protection, a certain code of conduct must be followed by all the visitors which happen to be there; •the visitors shall have a valid entrance ticket for every day of their stay in a zone of the park; • for diving an additional fee should be paid in compliance with a valid price-list of the public institution «National Park of Kornati»; • a walk through the on-shore part of the park is allowed only by following the marked paths (the on-shore part of the park is entirely in private ownership); •In the park there is a zone of special protection (around the islet of Purar, Mrtovnjak, Klobučar, Malo andi Veliko Obručan and the cliffs Klint and Volić) with no admittance for visitors; •Anchoring and a night’s accommodation on pleasure crafts is permitted only in 18 small bays foreseen for that purpose; •Keeping up fire is permitted only in settlements and in the places which are specially marked and prepared; •For carrying out activities in the park it is necessary to obtain, on time, from the Public institution «National park of Kornati», a valid approval; •Organized visiting of the park, accommodation in permanent buildings and alike, will be provided through various legal and physical entities (private shipping companies and tourist agencies etc.) that are obtained from the public institution «National park of Kornati» a due approval for carrying out such an activity.