National park PLITVICE LAKES

The area of Plitvička jezera, declared to be National park in 1949., is considered one of the the prettiest natural notability of Europe. It is forested mountain area throughout which, one under another, line sixteen beautiful lakes and ponds of crystal blue-green colour. They are filled with water from many streams and brooks, inteconnected with foamy cascades and murmuring waterfalls. Throughout the ages water from these lakes was breaking, corroding and melting the rocks and beds thorugh which they have flown. Through sedimenatation of calcium carbonate from the flow and through interference of special algae and mosses, spongy kind of rock, sedra or travertin, has been and still is created. Near the lakes there are a cuople of caves, and there were even discoveries from ancient history. The national park covers the area of 29.482 hectars in size, most of which falls of on woods, then grasslands with village spaces and waters. This natural resource is rich with diverse flora and fauna. In the park alongside many kinds of birds (around 152 different kinds), butterflies, there is also some small game, followed by large game, bears, wolves, boars and wild cats. Flora makes up about 1267 sorts, of which 55 sorts are in the orchid family. Besides rich floral heritage, a few years ago the revitalisation of traditional heritage in the park began. Considering that it is a long and financially demanding process, only the mill from 19th century on the river Korana has been finished and the reconstruction on the water powered saw-mill also on the river Korana is at the end. ACTIVITIES INSIDE THE NATIONAL PARK: Sightseeing of the Park as part of special programs (using a motor boat and train), travelling on the lake Kozjak in row boats, mountain climbing on Medvjeđak, skiing and sledging in winter in village Mukinj, visiting the renewed water powered mill in Korana and the renewed water-powered sawmill also in Korana. EXCURSIONS IN THE REGION:: Fishing on the river Gacka, visiting the mills on the river Gacka, visiting the mountain village Kuterevo where a bear shelter is located, climbing the mountain Mrsinj above Korenica, visiting the Barać caves near Rakovica, riding horses by the Barać caves, rafting on river Una, visiting the etno village RASTOKE in Slunj.